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Maxime Billick, Jeremy Cygler, Gabriel Devlin and Bellal Jubran are all third year medical students at McGill University


We are four fresh and eager medical students just beginning clerkship, but we can already attest to the importance of blood in medicine. We use blood to bring back patients from the brink of death in the operating room. We use it to treat patients with sickle cell disease on the medical wards. We use it to advance scientific knowledge in the research lab. Yet the policies that govern how we collect donated blood remain woefully antiquated. ...continue reading

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is Deputy Editor at CMAJ, and Editor of CMAJ Open. She's currently attending the in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Edinburgh is wall-to-wall sunshine. Yet hundreds of researchers, editors, publishers, funders and others are gathered inside. Listening to talks, reading posters and sharing ideas.

What could be more important than enjoying the wonders of Edinburgh on a gorgeous fall day?


Not just any waste. Research waste. All the time, effort and money that is thrown away when researchers ask the wrong questions, when study designs are inadequate or inappropriate for the question under study, when studies are not reported appropriately, or when studies are either not published or published in the wrong place. ...continue reading

Beatrice Preti
McMaster University
Class of 2017






The curtains were drawn, I walked into the room,
Looked at the lady, and said, “How do you do?”
She was very kind, just a little bit addled,
But the doctors around us were really quite baffled
Had she had a stroke? Was it from the MVC?
There was nothing at all to see on the multiple CTs
Save a little bit of shadowing, in the corner over here
But the pictures were too blurry. No, not a single thing was clear!
So they made a few calls, and then made a couple more
They met with the consultants on every single floor
They put their heads together, and came up with an answer
“It’s so obvious!” they said. “She has metastatic cancer!”
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