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chinese_studentsBy Deng Luo, MD PhD, Wen-Zhuo Ran, PhD, Yun Sun, MD, PhD, Hua Huang, MD, and  Wang-Yang Yi, MD.

Recently, a surprising survey of more than 3860 doctors in China has found that only 3% of respondents advised their children to pursue medical education. About 36.2% of the respondents kept a neutral attitude without encouraging or discouraging them from any particular career choice. By contrast, 58 percent of respondents came out strongly against the choice and did not encourage their kids to consider becoming a physician. It is time for us to wonder why this once respected profession has changed into a non-promising job.

Actually, great effort has been made by the government of China to expand medical education since 1998 and there are currently more than 159 institutions of higher education for medicine in China. ...continue reading