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is a CMAJ Associate Editor and a professor of primary care in Northern Ireland, UK


Was I wrong!

Pioneering Professional Practice doesn’t sound like the most stimulating title of a Plenary Address but Chair of the UK's Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) Council, gave an uplifting, encouraging and inspiring address on the topic on day 2 of the 2017. Helen encouraged us all to rediscover the joy and sparkle of general practice despite poor morale, a constant feeling of being under siege, and increasing resource limitations in the profession. I liked her analogy that primary care, secondary care and social care were interdependent and need to be together- a three legged stool that depended on all three components to remain stable. ...continue reading

Geoffrey Mitchell is Professor of General Practice and Palliative care at the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Australia


The developed world is experiencing a dramatic shift in its demographics, with rapidly increasing proportions of older people. By 2050, many countries will have . With this comes a quantum increase in the proportion of people with chronic and complex diseases, and of deaths. Most people who die are old. Most people will die of conditions with a period where death can be anticipated, rather than by a sudden event. Dying over time also brings complex psychosocial and spiritual needs – as – impending death concentrates the mind wonderfully! ...continue reading

Dr. Ken Flegel, senior editor for CMAJ, interviews , Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Alberta and Assistant Director of the Epicore Centre. In a , Dr. McAlister and colleagues followed 495 patients and found that frail patients are twice as likely to be readmitted or die within 30 days after discharge. The authors suggest that the Clinical Frailty Scale could be useful in identifying high-risk patients being discharged from medical wards.

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