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jack_westfall is a Professor of Family Medicine and Director of the . Dr Westfall will be speaking at the forthcoming North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) .


The High Plains of eastern Colorado have been referred to as a dwindling remnant of the “”, reminding us of a not too distant past that included the dust bowl and westward out-migration to the West Coast. Rural Colorado has become mostly a crop-circle curiosity or a time to “put your seat into the upright and locked position” for the thousands of travelers that fly over at 30,000 feet. The small town of Last Chance, Colorado sits at the junction of 2 . It is home to just 22 residents.

Last Chance once had a Dairy King and 2 gas stations, and was for many, the last chance for food and fuel before heading east into the vast open plains of eastern Colorado. ...continue reading