Top 10 most viewed articles for September

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Once in a while it's good to give ourselves a 'self-exam' and check to see what content is most popular, where our readers come from and which pages on get the most traffic. The following CMAJ articles got the most views during the month of September. Some of these articles date back to previous years and are now free to view.

We are not certain exactly why certain older articles are still very popular. It may be that they are being linked to from external websites, or perhaps they have been bookmarked for reference (e.g. the guidelines). If you have any insight or thoughts as to why these articles are still trending, we'd appreciate a comment below. Happy reading.

  1. (2000)
  2. (2006)
  3. (2014)
  4. (2005)
  5. (2014)
  6. (2000)
  7. (2010)
  8. (2014)
  9. (2014)
  10. (2004)